Saturday, February 23, 2008

Elpro Estates' The Metropolitan, in the heart of Chinchwad, great news for Pune real estate market - thanks to Cushman & Wakefield!

Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi and Dwarka at Chakan-Talegaon road:

There was nothing between these two extremes!
Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi was more than a township. It was a self sufficient, international, mini town with complete infrastructure, close to your place of work.
Naiknavare's Dwarka, a Bharat Pattern township, at Chakan-Talegaon road is the last hope for the middle class at the upcoming, soon to be developed location on the ring road of Pune. A local real estate solution near the proposed international airport.
Unfortunately, till the launch of "Queenstown" this week, there was no project in the developed area of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad city. From today, along with Queenstown there is one more option in the heart of Chinchwad - Elpro Estates' The Metropolitan.

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Sorry, Aundh Annex! Bye bye Balewadi-Baner Road!

Not long ago, software engineers working in Hinjewadi, i had heard, had taken a oath of not booking a flat for a month. It was a protest against the exorbitant rise in property rates and no infrastructure development in Rahatani, Wakad and Baner-Balewadi area. Result is slow booking and ready possession flats lying vacant in these neighborhoods.

Amenities of the township and high end specifications was the only reason Pune real estate buyers were booking in Wakad, Rahatani and Balewadi. There was no township in the developed area, at Aundh in Pune or in the original city of Chinchwad. Thank God! Now we have two townships, with the high end specifications and luxurious amenities, actually in the heart of the city!

Real estate price and the worth of the property:

At Queenstown, today, property rate is only Rs. 3,200 per sq.ft.

At The Metropolitan, real estate price is different for each type of flat.
For 2 bhk flat (saleable area 1,153 sq.ft.), today, rate is only Rs. 2,800 per sq.ft.
For 2&1/2bhk flat (saleable area 1,257 sq.ft.) property price is Rs. 3,200 per sq.ft.
Real estate rate of 3bhk flat (saleable area 1,441 sq.ft.) is Rs. 3,350 per sq.ft.
I am sure, at Queenstown and The Metropolitan you are getting value for money.

Thanks! Prashant Bhandari of Mindspace Realty and Cushman & Wakefield for the great real estate solution!

For the official and up to date information of The Metropolitan, please, contact:
Asif Ali - (email: - 9198224 33114
Nelson D'Souza - (email: - 9199605 91354
Upasna Advani - (email: - 9198600

The Metropolitan
Chaphekar Chowk
Pune - 411 033
Ph: +91 - 20 - 6630 4040 / 3231 9112 / 3231 9113
e-mail: 32974

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  1. Thanks For this Advertise Ravi Karandeekar ji
    every things is good but Please add
    Elpro Estates - The Metropolitian 's website add: http;//

    Cushman & Wakefield & Ravi Karandeekar ( both of you )

    Elpro Estates

    1. Hi All, I am planning to buy 2.5 BHK flat in Metropolitan city phase 3 in chinchawad area.

      As per builder there were many issues in phase 1 and 2, like leackage, delay in poosession, construction quality, which are addressed in phase 3.

      Do you think we can go with builder saying? Any new reviews.

      Thank you.

  2. Stay away from this project......Huge disappointment for current customers.

  3. Not getting answers of possession from Cushman & cannot trust Cushman & Wakefield. anymore !!

  4. cushman and wakefield sales people at Elpro are just rude .They just dont even bother to answer u for possesion ..Cushwake does not at all care of people.

  5. Metropolitan, Chinchwad- The Inside Story

    Don not buy flat at Metropolitan Chinchwad
    Here is the story of what they did to Phase I. Elro (Agarwal)and Cushman Weikfield (Ranjeet) started advertising the project in 2006-07. People actually started booking flats in 2007-08. In 2007-08 people were told that possession will be given latest by Dec-09. Infact people were told that the internal target given to contractors is Sep-09 and 3 months is the buffer. I also recall one of the comments made that the existing customers might celebrate their 2009 Diwali in their homes (As of now existing customer (Or rather I would say, OWNERS) dont even know when the project will be complete and whether they can spend their 2010 diwali in their homes)

    They started plints, and putting slabs very fast. Some slabs were complete in 20 days (Hard to believe) but there was a reason for that almost 85% of the payment becomes dues on completion of slabs and 98% on completion of brick work, For phase I, 12 slabs were completed somewhere in Sep-09 and brick work somewhere in end 2009 or early 2010. Now the job was done, they are not interested in the remaining 2 % so they dont care about completing the project. They started bookings for Phase II one building in Dessara -09 and as of Aug-10 (After 1 year they have just completed 1 Floor) That means these people have to suffer for another 2- 2.5 years to get the project. The project layout was changed. In the original plan of 2 buildings they have one more building where the club house was planned. (so the plan can change at any point of time. They can erect one more building in the centre of the project also)

    For existing customers, who are asking for possession, they are told that if they are not happy with the progress (Which is overdue for 2 months as of August) they can cancel the flat with a penalty of 25%.

    Add to that I heard now they have started asking interest @ 24% from existing customers for any amount of delay in payments. So if u apply for a loan and there is a delay according to the agreement, be prepared to pay interest @24% p.a.

    Elpro Mall and Ameneties:
    Also forget about the ameneties, now people are worried about the stand alone building and parking only not even the fence and entrance gate as he is not even started working on this.

    I heard Reliance has cancelled the contract for the reliance mall and elro does not have funds to complete the mall for their so called MULTIPLEX. They have a financial cricis since they have taken loan even for the existing project and before starting any building they have to take a NOC for that.

    If u are planning to buy a flat there ask them about the truth of the contents above. or if u need any specifc details post in ur questions here. I will try to answer them.

  6. One more thing they have deleted their existing blog ask them why they did so ??

  7. Elpro and Cushman Weikfield are pathetic people to deal with. Please avoid this scheme as this would only result in disappointment for you. The pace of construction is extremely slow and the office bearers dont even provide any response to this. People like ranjit salunkhe who are customer faces of elpro and CW are one of the most pathetic faces whom customers have to deal. Dabriwal/poddar, the owners, dont understand any other language than money and are experts in cheating people. The scheme outline is changed without notice to customers who booked based on the earlier plan. No work has started on any facilities promised in the agreement. parking plan is not clear and no one has an answer to it.

    Folks please beaware of this cheating organisation. CW reputation is also at stake and dont understand how CW management is not intervening in this.pathetic state of affairs indeed.

  8. I agree with the earlier comments. When will the buyers get possession is uncertain. Metropolitan promises one thing and delivers completely different. They never have the courtesy to inform existing members beforehand.

    Terrace directions were changed, underground parking was cancelled, garden size changed, swimming pool is a joke. There suddenly is a commercial building where there was open space. An extra residential building has come up which was never there in the original plan. All this is going to put pressure on the common facilities however small they are. All this is going to ensure that parking will overspill whatever common area there is.

    You must see the tiles they've used in the bathrooms. Its a disaster. I had very high expectations from the project given its size, international links, branding, architects, etc. Now I have no hopes.

  9. stay away from this project, this people are cheater. don't book flats in this project. nobody can take responsiblity for delay of project/ possession.

  10. They are least bother about the quality and miles away from the professionalism. Phase I flats have major leakage problem. Don't know what will happen in Phase II and III. Best of luck phase II owners and be aware of phase III customers.

  11. these are very bad reviews Mr. Ravi. Now the cost is very high it is 70 to 85 lacks for 2 to 2.5 BHK, but visited I really felt that quality is not up to the mark. And after reading this comments it is confirm, i am not going for this.

  12. The Metropolitan building complex at Chichwad, (Pune), built by Elpro International has lot many civil construction problems. Sub standard work has been done. After

    occupying flats particularly in E building, many flat owners have found severe drainage choking problems due to wrong piping layouts, electrical connection problems,

    civil problems.
    The on site staff like CEO, maintenance supervisor are not paying any attention to grave problems.
    We are not able to use our E-103 flat on first floor in 'The Metropolitan', as the piping of this flat is connected horizontally to main pipe running from 12th floor

    downward. Hence the dirt and water enters the E-103 flat through the drain pipe and whole flat has become dirty with drainage water and mud from top 11 floors.

    Repeated requests to Elpro management to provide separate drainage pipe for flat E-103 from first floor to the chamber have gone in vain. New customers . be aware of

    these problems due to lackadaisical attitude of Elpro.

    1. So sorry, Jayant. Please, document your issues & go to consumer court -

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.